Success Story !


I'm often asked if any of my pupils have gone on to greater things in the Music Business and one such success story is that of Aberdeen born Ross William Wild, who is a former pupil.

Since those guitar lessons Ross has utilised his guitar skills alongside his amazing voice and acting talents.

Ross has been lead singer in a rock band and sung and played guitar in many shows in London's West End as well as all over the world.

More recently, Ross has hit the jackpot by joining 80s pop legends Spandau Ballet as lead vocalist replacing original singer Tony Hadley - a tall order, but one which Ross has grabbed with both hands and has made a smooth transition within the band.

I'm very proud to have made a very small contribution to Ross's ascendancy to the top and i'm confident that he will be even more successful in years to come as his attitude and

hard work has paid off.

Hopefully this can inspire other pupils  to follow.

Ben Rose

Check out Ross's website :